Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1st trimester

I went for a dating ultra sound on 14th October. Turns out I am 7 weeks and 2 days already. We hear the heartbeat! was surprised we can hear the heartbeat at this stage. (Shows how little I know) but it's very exciting! 135 bph. Healthy. That's all that matters. Estimated due date is 30 May 2012. A dragon Gemini. We don't have a name for our baby yet, (although I've already picked out a name for a boy and a girl, but the husband don't agree) so I'll refer to the baby as "Baby Chen" for now.

I call my mum to tell her the news as she was in China visiting my grandparents. I broke the news by saying "mum, you're gonna be a grandma" she paused for 3 seconds before scream into the phone and I am deaf.

Around week 9 I have some minor spotting, which freaked me out. My obstetrician said its common, as long as its not red and heavy bleeding, just rest up and it should be fine.

Argh, morning sickness is a b1tch! I feel nauseous at every waking hour. Throwing up the food you just ate is total grossness. The only comfort from all these visit to the toilet is that this is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I also lost my appetite, nothing tastes good to me. Veggies tastes bitter! The only thing I enjoy is apple, bread, oats and soy milk. Anything that has too much flavour makes me sick. Boring!

We go for the NT ultrasound at week 12. First thing we see is the baby waving at us. Aww~ *heart melts* I was there for over an hour, cause Baby Chen wont get into the right position to check the fluid at the back of the neck. So there I was full bladder while the lady pokes around on my stomach making me want to pee even more. Finally, baby Chen gets into the right position and everything turns out to be fine. A sign of relief.

It concerned me that I haven't gained much weight, I know in the 1st trimester you don't really gain much, but I was 45kg before being pregnant, and by week 12, I am still 45kg. But since the scan says baby is developing well, it means I lost weight. Must be all the throwing up, and not eating well.

Here's a preview of baby Chen at week 12.

I also find out couple of my friends are also expecting, and our due dates are about 1 months apart. Very exciting, we can have playdates!

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