Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forever a bag lady

Having the right bag and shoes is a must to complete any outfit, otherwise its like a cake without cherry on top, pancakes without syrups, diet coke without artificial sweeteners, Redbull not give you wings, or...well you get the gist. I do appreciate beautifully designed shoes but its more important that I am able to walk in them. Because my footies deserves royal treatments, so the shoes I wear must be comfortable. Think Victoria Beckham and bunion. Don't get me wrong I do like her good fashion sense, just minus the bunion. So if I had to choose, I definitely prefer bags over shoes.
Current obsessions, from Chloe SS09' Accessories


And the good old classic - Chanel classic flap in black with gold chain

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  1. OMG, you know, today i just checked out this Chloe purple in the store. I show it to DH and well.... w/o surprise, he didn't appreciate it much. grrr....

    I love it too and I think I saw a girl carried it last week in Taipei.